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Patient Ratings & Testimonials

"I love my teeth! My family saw me at the reunion and they said my teeth are beautiful. I like my brightened smile and love how my facial appearance has changed by doing these beautiful crowns. Many of my wrinkles have disappeared and my jaw even feels better!" — Cheryl J.

"My appearance seems so much more youthful and my teeth look so naturally beautiful. I even have lips now!" — Wendy M.

" You (Dr. Pisanu) have some great tricks. I didn't even feel the needle going in. Your the first dentist who does it that way." — Elkyiaz K.

"That was the best experience that I have ever had going to the dentist. I had a root canal last time and I didn't feel the needle going in, I didn't feel anything during the procedure, and I didn't even have any pain after the procedure! " — Patricia A.

" I didn't feel anything, like you didn't even do anything. I didn't feel a thing when the implant went in, and didn't feel one bit of discomfort during the healing time. I didn't feel a thing. Painless Pisanu they should call you. And, it looks so good that I can't even tell which tooth is the fake one! Well done." — Peter L.

"It was such a refreshing experience to have such a very thorough consultation after the initial examination. Not only were all my options given to me, but Dr. Pisanu was very patient and honest with my questions (and even showed me informative videos of my options) and did not pressure me at all to get anything. Eventually, I ended up choosing the best option for me and I am very happy with the results!" — Chris B.

"I had all my front teeth get veneers placed on them by Dr. Pisanu. They look great, so natural and my friends and family love the results. I didn't feel anything during the procedure, and I only had one day afterwards when I noticed a bit more sensitivity when they were done. I think the procedure was a huge success." — Neil C.

"I used to be really apprehensive about going to the dentist. I had alot of bad experiences and was scared before. Now, I even like going to the dentist because I never have any problems after the work and never feel anything. You have gotten really good." — Kyle S.

"The implant bridge feels very good. It looks great and it is really good to chew on. I can't even tell that it is not my own teeth. It did not seem like a complicated procedure and everything went so smoothly." — Edward M.

"My crowns looks so good. I can't wait to do the other ones. I wish I would have done these crowns a long time ago. I only had one day of sensitivity and now they have settled down and already feel much better than what I had before." — David E.

"I have been a patient of yours (Dr. Pisanu) for quite a few years now. We have done a lot of work in my mouth, including root canals, crowns and even implant work. I am really happy with things have gone. You have always been very professional with me. I have refered many patients to you. They also have been really happy with the work." — Chris H.

"Dr. Pisanu has a lot of tricks to avoid pain. I don't even feel the needles going in. He took out my wisdom teeth and has done some root canals on me and I didn't even have any pain afterwards. I told him that he does the best root canals in Canada." — Chris B.

"I come from a long way to get here. I haven't gone to any other dentist since we moved away from here. You are very professional and I feel very comfortable here and everything has always gone so smoothly. I used to have a hard time going to the dentist" — Brian T.